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The Intel Core i5-2500K Processor represents part of the next generation of Intel processors and is second only to the i7-2600K.  The i5 marks Intel’s second generation line of Core computer processors and delivers superb performance with a speed that makes working with multimedia and other applications easy and hassle free.Intel Core i5-2500K Processor

Intel invested a lot of time before releasing the Intel Core i5-2500K on the market and when it was finally rolled out it exceeded all expectations from PC enthusiasts.  The faster speed allows you to easily accomplish video uploading and editing, work with HD video, and perform Blu-ray media playback.  If you are looking for speed, reliability and smooth performance the i5 may be just what you are looking for.

Intel Core i5-2500K Technology

The Intel Core i5 processor is packed with next generation technology while offering extra performance and flexibility for users that work with a lot of different applications.

  • Processor: The i5 processor is super fast since it runs at 3.30 GHz with four processing cores.  Each processor core (Quad Core) features a 6MB L3 shared cache that is evenly distributed to each processor core.  The result is unmatched performance and the end of latency frustrations.  Latency refers to the time it takes for one packet of information to get from one destination to the next in your PC’s operating system.
  • Unlocked Core: If you are a die hard gamer or you use a lot of demanding multimedia applications the Core i5 processor is completely unlocked so you can overclock it without affecting other components in the operating system.  Additionally, the processor works at lightning speed thanks to the Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 which automatically delivers a burst of speed when you are using applications which are demanding such as games and multimedia.
  • No Need for Graphics Card: With the Intel Core i5-2500K there is no need to use a graphics card due to the built-in visuals that allow you to view sharp images and rich media with Clear Video Technology.  The implementation of Clear Video Technology provides improvements that enable you to view vivid rich color high definition videos and Blu-ray playback.

  • Partitioning: The Intel Virtualization Technology provides partitioning which allows you to run multiple applications by separating different computing tasks into partitions to improve productivity while reducing downtime.

  • Chipset: As far as the chipset is concerned, it rocks.  The chipset is ideal if you use a lot of the advanced Adobe software or you are an avid gaming fan.  When you overclock the voltage is low and the unit stays cool and runs with lots of stability.
  • No Hyper Threading: There is no hyper threading on the Core i5 processor so you have to go with the Core i7 for this type of capability.  Hyper threading is Intel’s technology which is used to address two processors for the purpose of sharing workloads between the processors whenever it is possible.  For hyper threading to work the operating system must be capable of supporting multiple processors.

When you unpack the box the Intel Core i5-2500K Processor has a Central Processing Unit cooling system included with the processor or you can opt to use a CPU cooler of your choice.  You can overclock the processor to 4.5Ghz without overheating with a basic air cooler and the system continues to run with a lot of stability.

Cut Computing Tasks in Half

The Intel Core i5-2500K can handle tasks such as video encoding in just a few minutes where it would otherwise take more than an hour to complete without this type of processor.  When you are playing games you will appreciate the smooth framerates that operate at 60fps.

If you do a lot of video editing with the Core i5-2500K you will find that the processor does not delay like it would with a dual-core processor when performing different aspects of video editing.  This can cut your time off of this type of task by more than 300 percent if you have a decent motherboard to go with the Core i5-2500K processor.

Overall, the Intel Core i5-2500K packs in a lot of bang for the buck and has been rated a fantastic value by the majority of customers who purchased this lighting fast unit.  The Intel K editions are unlocked which provides flexibility and it is very easy to overclock while the processor runs cool as snow.  If you would like to see for yourself what others are saying about the Core i5-2500K you can click here to read the customer reviews and view more information about this unit.

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Many consumers who have considered purchasing the Apple TV have also looked at the Roku XD Streaming Player to determine how it stacks up when it comes to capability, quality, and affordability.  If this sounds familiar here is a review of the Roku XD Streaming Player which is among a series of models that are manufactured by Roku.

roku xd

Roku XD Primary Features

Some of the primary selling features of the Roku HD Streaming Player are its flexibility to work with a variety of different televisions that have a maximum picture resolution of 1080p.  The Roku XD also allows you to stream music from the Internet a well as images and videos over a wireless high speed broadband connection.

The Roku XD is designed specifically for streaming so the sounds and images that are transmitted from the Internet to your television screen are quite exceptional in quality and efficiency.  If your broadband connection is high speed and fast enough to stream content from the Internet, it is difficult to tell the difference in quality between streaming from the Internet with the Roku XD and using a conventional cable TV connection.  The Roku XD also offers a wireless-n connection which has a signal that can be picked up at a longer range than a wireless-g connection.

1080p Viewing Capability

One of the primary advantages of the Roku XD Streaming Player is its ability to stream 1080p where Apple TV only offers 720p.  It is important to note that there are three models in the Roku lineup which include the XDS, XD, and HD streaming players.  To avoid any confusion, if you have a lot of content to stream the Roku XDS supports both 1080p input and output however, if you do not have a lot of 1080p content then the Roku XD Streaming Player should suit your needs at a lesser price.

The Roku XD Streaming Player will also support 720p content so if you have more sources that you use such as Amazon or Hulu that do not offer a lot of content for 1080p then the XD is the better choice for the time being.  As 1080p becomes more prevalent you can always decide to upgrade to the XDS at a later date.

Channel Flexibility

The Roku XD Streaming Player has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility when it comes to the viewing opportunities that are offered with the Roku Channel Store which serves as an apps store that is customized for your Roku player. Netflix is one of the three primary apps due to the fact that the Roku streaming players have a partnership with Netflix. The other two primary apps are Hulu and Amazon Video On-Demand.  It is also possible to access channels on Pandora to enjoy music that is streamed into your television.

There are also additional channels in the Roku Channel Store if you are willing to commit the time to sign in to each account and link the Roku player to each one. You can also access channels not included with the Roku XD which you can configure with your PC.  These are channels such as YouTube (since Google owns it and has its own TV expansion plans) and Vimeo in addition to being able to access Facebook Photos and Flickr.

If the channels that are included with the Roku XD Streaming Player are all you need, setup only takes up to five minutes.  All the setup process requires is connecting your Roku XD to your television, switching on the unit, and then you simply synch it with your wireless network and it is ready for you to use.

If you want to add channels not included with your Roku HD then the setup and configuration is a little more complex but not impossible.  As an example of some of the steps you must take, you must locate the settings for your television and then indicate that you have a 1080p unit so you can view high definition content from the Internet.  There are also others processes you must use to configure your Roku XD to stream content to your television.


Roku is also known for offering state-of-the-art customer service should you experience any problems with configuration or using the Roku XD Streaming Player after setup.  The customer support team will also assist you with troubleshooting your wireless connection if you have trouble connecting to the Internet after installing the Roku player.

The Roku XD Streaming Player is an affordable unit that is mid-range between the XDS model and the HD model.  If you are looking for an upgrade from your current unit or you are considering saving money on your cable TV bill, the Roku XD is worth taking a closer look.  You can find additional information on the Roku XD Streaming Player by clicking here.

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Nikon recently expanded its D series camera line with the introduction of the Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD screen. A feature-rich camera designed for the genuine novice photographer that offers capabilities for both creative photography and videography.

nikon d7000

The nice part about the Nikon DSLR is that it did not follow the trends of the rapid growth of the DSLR camera market that provided amateur level cameras with only a few added features to make them attractive to consumers in the market for a beginning to mid-grade camera.  The Nikon D7000 defies this notion by offering many new and improved features without being over-equipped for the novice photographer.

Nikon D7000 Features

The following attributes of the Nikon D7000 will provide you with an overview of why it is considered to be feature-rich for a mid-level unit.

  • DX-Format CMOS Sensor: This is a new and improved sensor that offers 16.2 Megapixels and more sensitivity than previous sensors.  The sensor has a base ISO-range of 100-6400 ISO with the option to increase the sensitivity to 25600 ISO.
  • Increase in Effective Pixels: The Nikon D7000 breaks the trend of amateur series cameras with an increase in Megapixels with the Nikon line offering a resolution ranging from 10 to 16.2 Megapixels in the D7000 where most amateur line DLSR cameras on the market have 12.

  • D7000 Lens Mount and Lens: One of the winning features is the Nikon F lens mount which is bayonet-type with many possible functions thanks to the AF Nikkor glass which is high end technology by Nikon.  Although you can apply a number of different high end lenses the Nikon D7000 is equipped with a 5.8x kit lens that includes a vibration reduction feature which provides you with a great start.
  • Expeed 2 Processor: The new and improved Megapixels resolution utilizes a fast Expeed 2 processor which makes up the mainstay of the camera and is capable of performing intricate calculations.  This feature is advantageous for delivering high resolution photos and full high definition 1080p video which offers video recorded in MPEG4 H.264 which can be enhanced when you connect an optional external stereo.
  • Built-In Video Editing: The Nikon D7000 has a nifty built-in editing feature that allows you to edit video to your liking and right on location.  If you do a lot of serious editing you will need special video editing software however, the built-in feature is an effective solution for light duty editing.
  • High Resolution Display: The 3-inch display is high resolution and boasts a 170 degree viewing angle with 100 percent frame coverage.  In addition to these great features, the screen also supports Live View and offers a standard contrast A-F and a contrast A-F with face detection that is capable of identifying more than 30 faces in a time frame of only 0.08 seconds.
  • SDXC Memory Card Support: The Nikon D7000 contains two different memory card slots that can be used simultaneously to save photos on one card and full high definition videos on the other card.  This setup can also be configured so that one card slot acts as a backup.  Memory cards that are supported by the Nikon D7000 include SD, SDHC, and the more recent SDXC memory cards.

Sturdy and Solid Build

In addition to being packed with features the Nikon D7000 has a very substantial build with a professional finish and is equipped with protection against dirt and moisture.  It has the customary red accent on the grip with a few other carefully placed Nikon logos.

When you look a bit closer you will find a second LCD readout on the top of the unit that allows you to check the settings without having to place the camera up to your face.  The shutter buttons and controls are conveniently placed to reduce fumbling and make shooting on the fly easy and hassle free.  The bottom of the Nikon D7000 contains the battery compartment, a place for a tripod mount, and an additional location for applying an optional battery pack.


If you look elsewhere in the DLSR market you would be hard pressed to find a semi-professional camera that offers the features of the Nikon D7000.  If you are a discerning amateur photographer the Nikon D7000 will most likely fit the bill and is the perfect upgrade from a beginning level model.  The Nikon D7000 is perfectly placed in the Nikon D series so it exceeds your expectations as an amateur photographer and at the same time does not go overboard with options and features that you pay for but never use.  Overall, it is an ideal middle level camera that offers just the right amount of features to fulfill your expectations.