Kindle DX vs. iPad
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If you are looking for a portable device specifically for reading it can be a challenging decision to determine whether you should choose a dedicated reader or a reader that has additional capabilities.  This is commonly what consumers face when they weigh the Kindle DX against the Apple iPad.  Which one is better?  The answer to this lies in your preferences as well as your individual needs.  Let’s take a look at both to help you make an informed decision as to which device will be appropriate for you.

Kindle DX

To provide you with a clear overview of the Kindle DX, here we will examine some of the advantages and disadvantages.

kindle dx


  • Dedicated Reading Device: The Kindle DX is specifically made for the purpose of reading which means it is built to allow you to focus on reading without suffering from eyestrain and other distractions.  For many people, reading on an LCD screen can be strenuous on the eyes and the Kindle DX provides a reader-friendly eLink screen that provides 50 percent better contrast and is capable of standing up to sunlight.

  • Free Store Browsing with Internet Access: The Kindle DX provides free Internet access with store shopping that provides access to book downloads in more than 150 countries.
  • Extended Battery Life: The Kindle DX contains a high end battery that can last up to 2 weeks if you are not using wireless and up to one week if you are using the included wireless service.

  • Special Apps and Services: The platform for the Kindle DX provides sync services that allow you to keep notes across multiple devices and sync the last page read which acts as a bookmark.  It is also capable of accommodating apps that are designed for multiple mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.

  • Less Expensive Books: Since Kindle DX is a product of Amazon the book prices are cheaper than Apple with prices starting at around $10 with Amazon as opposed to $15 for books from Apple.
  • Less Weight: The Kindle DX provides for comfortable single-handed reading due to its light weight of less than 19 ounces compared to iPad’s 1.5 pounds.

  • Exceptional Text to Speech: When compared to the iPad the Text to Speech feature on the Kindle DX wins hands down.


  • Language Support: When compared to iPad the Kindle DX lacks some of the language support features that are included in the iPad such as support for hyphenation, STANZA, and other apps that support language features.
  • Lack of Touch Screen: The Kindle DX is equipped with a Qwerty keyboard with numbers included but does not have the easy function touchscreen of the iPad.
  • No Added Functionality: Because it is a dedicated reader the Kindle DX does not have the added functions of the iPad such as the ability to check email and other tasks that you can perform online with a mobile PC device.

Apple iPad

Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the iPad as an eReader.

apple ipad 2


  • More Functionality: The iPad has the functionality of an eReader in addition to other capabilities such as the ability to perform regular tasks that you usually do with a PC or other mobile device online.

  • Larger Memory Capacity: The iPad has a memory capacity of 16GB for the base model and then the memory increases according to the model grade.  This is significantly more memory than the Kindle DX which has a memory capacity of 4GB.
  • Large Selection of Apps: The iPad offers more than 5000 apps with some apps that contain page numbers and animated page turns when you are reading.

  • Convenient Touchscreen: The touchscreen makes it easier to accomplish ebook store browsing and perform other functions as opposed to the Kindle DX which utilizes a Qwerty keyboard.

  • Better Quality Browser: The iPad provides a better quality browser with more functionality where the Kindle DX just provides a basic browser for finding books.

  • High Quality Screen: The iPad has a high quality screen with backlighting to adjust the brightness of the screen.  It is not designed for extended reading sessions but it is still high end nonetheless.

  • Store Access: The iPad provides access to the Apple store, Kindle store, Barnes and Noble, and other stores from the same device.


  • Text to Speech: The iPad offers Text to Speech apps however they are not as high quality as the Text to Speech feature in the Kindle DX.

  • Shorter Battery Life: Due to the added functionality and device size the iPad has a significantly shorter battery life than the Kindle DX.

  • Diversions: If you are easily distracted you may find it difficult to focus on a book due to the added functionality that the iPad offers.  You may find yourself diverted to games, checking email, and other functions that can be a distraction.


If you want a device that is designed specifically for reading the Kindle DX is the way to go.  If you prefer to have more functionality then the iPad may be the better option for you.  In terms of budget the Kindle DX is the cheaper option as the iPad is significantly higher in price and requires you to purchase WiFi.


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