Looking for an iPhone Hack?
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All technology can inevitably be hacked. Whether people are looking to circumvent security measures, take control of devices or modify the way they work there are always ways to do it. You may want to use your iPhone with your old SIM card or perhaps you want to take on a more advanced challenge and tweak the firmware that runs the phone. Whatever your aim the chances are that someone has already done it.

The various hacks you can find on the Internet will make all sorts of modifications to your iPhone. Some of them are relatively easy to do while others will take some real skill and a good technical knowledge to pull off. By using an iPhone hack you will be voiding your warranty. There is also a danger that you will do something to permanently damage your iPhone or render it useless. It is a risky business but if you know what you are doing you can make all kinds of funky modifications.

Unless you are extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the iPhone then you should look for information, advice and ideally step-by-step tutorials online. There are many websites dedicated to iPhone modifications. There is also a bustling community engaged in cracking each new development that is released on the device as quickly as possible.

The aptly named iPhone Hacks is a fairly obvious place to start. They have a wealth of content which begins with showing you how to unlock your iPhone. They also show you how to jailbreak your iPhone which then allows you to create or download unsanctioned applications for the device. You can get apps that do all sorts of things from customising your iPhone to allowing you to control it remotely.

Jailbreaking your iPhone is a risk and it may make your phone susceptible to other hackers. It is also forbidden by Apple so new releases will often conflict, although hackers usually get around the new security within days of a release. There is still a chance your iPhone will stop working, which even short term will be very annoying.

Apple do also allow developers to create apps for the device legally so if this is something you are really interested in doing why not check out the iPhone Dev Center?

If you are still determined to use an iPhone hack then another place you might find useful is modmyi. You’ll find lots of news about various Apple devices but there are also sections about jailbreaking the iPhone, gaining access to the operating system and installing various modifications. The website also has a lively forum and a very large and knowledgeable community. They use an installer system called Cydia to install modifications. You can use Cydia if you jailbreak your iPhone and then you will be able to install all sorts of apps including games and also various themes to customise your device.

The main tool used to jailbreak iPhones is something called QuickPwn and it is developed by the iPhone Dev Team. You will find all sorts of information about what they do on their website. Whether it is worthwhile jailbreaking your iPhone, especially when you consider the number of free apps available from the App Store is a matter of opinion.

There are still many apps being developed for unlocked iPhones but Apple has taken a firm stance. The exact legality of the iPhone hack is something of a mystery but perhaps Apple should change their view on this. As this article at InfoWorld points out they are effectively trying to stop developers from creating new apps for the device which could further increase its popularity. There is the obvious issue of quality control but with some oversight perhaps allowing it would be a better direction to take.


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