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Rumours started flyinging when an advert for LittleBigPlanet accessories mentioned a mystery PSP 4000.  On page 17 of the Digital Edition of the Games Industry Mag MCV it states that the advertised accessories are compatible with the PSP 4000. It is uncertain at this stage whether it was a misprint or a look into the crytall ball of things to come from Sony. Alex Seedhouse from the The Lost Gamer,... Read More

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How to turn my Nintendo DS into an iPod?  While looking for a cool topic to write about today I came across this rather interesting hack.  I don’t personally own a Nintendo DS myself, but I do enjoy playing it when I visit my friends.  I know when I show them this hack they’ll think I’m a genius….to be honest I’m just trying to get out of buying them a gift for Christmas... Read More

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Nintendo have just announced that the Wii console will be reduced in price. They are dropping $50 off the price, bringing it down to $200. This latest round in the console war was sparked into life after Sony announced their new PS3 slim at the reduced price of $300 a few weeks ago. Since then they have shifted over 1 million units worldwide and look to be closing the gap on rivals Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft... Read More