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Samsung has officially unveiled it’s Samsung M5650 Lindy Music Phone.  The Lindy, looks, feels and functions (in some capacities) like the Corby/Genio and both are quad band, GSM based phones but, that’s where the similarities end.  It makes sense to build on the popularity of the Corby as it’s sold over 3.5 million units. The Samsung M5650 comes with an impressive 2.8 inch... Read More

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McAfee CEO, David DeWalt mentioned recently in New York that the company is working on an anti-virus software product for the iPhone. Based on the huge popularity of the iPhone it seems that every software maker wants to develop an app for it.  Personally I can’t blame them, with tens of millions of iPhones in the marketplace there’s clearly lots of money to be made. Symantec on the other hand... Read More

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These latest earbuds from Sony Ericsson offer a unique new design, although they aren’t quite as amazing as the marketing people seem to think. The basic idea is that you can stick them in your ear and the music will automatically start. Pull one out and the music will automatically stop. You can also use them to receive and end calls in the same way. Put the earbud in the call is answered, pull... Read More