Best Remote Desktop Apps for the iPad
by admin

If you really want to unlock the full potential of the iPad, a remote desktop app is a must-have. As you’d expect, a remote desktop app allows you to connect to and use your desktop back at home or the office with your iPad.

There are several of these apps currently available for the iPad, and a few in particular that we would recommend. We’ve focused on apps that will allow you to remotely access Windows PCs or Macs. Before we get to that, though, here’s a quick rundown of the key features that really make a difference as to the usability of a remote desktop app.

What to Look For

Stability: All remote desktop apps perform the same basic function, but they can differ with respect to how well they handle different desktop setups and programs. Stability is what really separates a good app from one that’s not so good; a good one will be able to work smoothly and seamlessly with even very large and/or high-resolution desktops and a wide variety of software.

Security: Needless to say, it’s important that the app doesn’t leave you exposed to security risks. The ideal remote desktop app would accommodate a wide variety of security and encryption settings and protocols.

Ease of setup: Some configuration is always going to be necessary with this type of app, and good design in this respect will help make the app easier to use in general, which is always nice.

Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the top remote desktop apps for the iPad.

LogMeIn Ignition (

The LogMeIn product has been around in one form or another for a long time, and LogMeIn Ignition is the latest version. The LogMeIn service is web based, and very simple to set up and use. All you need to do to get started is create a LogMeIn account and install a quiet background app on all of the machines you’d like to access. When you start up LogMeIn, you’ll see a list of all the machines you’ve set up for remote access, and you can get to work.

LogMeIn provides a wide range of options to help optimize your security and overall experience. You can do things such as reduce the display size of the remote machine, which keeps your bandwidth usage down. What we really like about LogMeIn, though, is how simple it is to set up, and how stable it is once you get going. At $30, LogMeIn is a bit pricey as far as apps go, but we would still highly recommend it to anyone who feels they would use the app enough to justify that cost.

iTeleport (

iTeleport, at a slightly more affordable $24.99, manages to do most of what LogMeIn can do. It’s similar to LogMeIn in that it also uses a web-based connection method, although iTeleport requires a Google account for authentication purposes and isn’t quite as exhaustive when it comes to security and encryption options.

One area where iTeleport really excels is with its interface. iTeleport really takes advantage of the iPad’s touch screen with extensive multi-touch gesture support.

VNC Viewer (

VNC Viewer provides solid performance and ease of use, although it can be a bit more time consuming to set up initially, and in some cases may require that you install additional syncing software. Additionally, in order to get the full functionality of the program, you’ll need the VNC Enterprise Edition, which costs $50.

That being said, VNC Viewer is well worth considering if you want the absolute best in power and stability.


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